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Residential Solar Systems

Up to 10kWp solar roof systems (-+13.500kWh/year)

Since the 1st of July 2009, there is a common legislation allowing the installation of photovoltaic systems on residential roofs.

The legislation refers mostly to household owners and owners of very small businesses (as described by the EU law).

Probably, this is the best investment for the time being in Greece. Whoever is up to the criteria can have an up to 10kWp p/v unit installed and sell the power produced strait to the National Power Company for 25 years in a fixed price.

A unit of 10kWp can provide an income of up to 7500 €/year and a cleaner environment for our children.

The people of Yperion can put anything you need to the task, from the paperwork for licenses and financing, to the construction of your unit. But most of all, we are here to guarantee the best solution for your surface so that your investment pays back the maximum profit in the passage of time.

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