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Net-Metering – self-production of electricity with photovoltaics

Net-Metering (Energy Offsetting) is the offsetting of the energy we consume and the energy we produce from photovoltaics. It concerns individuals, legal entities as well as farmers. It gives us the possibility to cover part, or even all of the energy we consume, but also the possibility to store the green energy produced by the photovoltaic system, indirectly using the grid, or directly using batteries.

The term net results from the difference between produced and consumed energy. If there is a surplus of produced energy, then it is credited for a certain period of time, at which point the final settlement takes place (every three years).

With this process, we as producers can save money by significantly reducing electricity costs for 25 years. The amortization of the cost of acquiring the system ranges from 4 to 8 years, while at the same time we are also making a greener and more environmentally friendly choice.

By Virtual Net-Metering (Virtual Energy Netting) we mean the offsetting of the electricity produced by self-generating stations, with the total electricity consumed in several self-generating facilities, where at least one is either not located in the same or neighboring area as our station or by a different supply.

Why choose Energy Offset:

  • We obtain electricity for the next 25 years at a low fixed cost, as the offset is according to kWhs and not accounting charges.
  • We are now insured and profiting from future kilowatt hour charge increases from electricity providers.
  • Our property acquires additional exploitation or sale value.
  • Our investment has a relatively quick breakeven time.
  • We have the possibility of financing from a subsidy or from a bank.
  • Maintenance costs are minimal.
  • The operation of the system is silent.
  • We have the ability to cater to remote areas.
  • We help reduce the greenhouse effect by producing green, renewable energy.

What are the conditions for the installation of photovoltaic self-production systems with energy compensation:

  • The investor must have an active power supply in the name of the self-producer.
  • The interested party must have the legal use of the installation space.
  • Electricity bills must be paid or regulated.
  • The supply of the self-producer has not been included in the Environmental Household Tariff, otherwise it is automatically excluded from it.

How long does the Netting Agreement last for the solar self-generation system with energy netting?

The Offsetting Agreement signed between the Operator and the self-producer has a validity period of 25 years, starting from the date of activation of the connection of the photovoltaic system.

If the self-producer changes supplier for his electricity consumption, the Netting Agreement is automatically terminated and a new Netting Agreement is concluded for the remaining twenty-five (25) year period between the self-producer and the new Supplier.

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